Thursday, May 13, 2010

It has been another day of working the fire in the Gallery Wood Stove. Was supposed to be warmer and guess it did get into the lower 40's but snow squalls all day. Along with staying warm I worked on my East Fork Painting. Adding detail working top to bottom and left to right.
I don't really ever do this. Putting other than what pertains to my art and life on this blog but I have had so many friends and bloggers e-mailing and commenting on my reference to the train wreck yesterday so here is a pix of it. It is near the mouth of the canyon for those who are familiar with Wind River Canyon-near the wedding of the waters. The train hit a boulder that had fallen because of the recent snows and rains we have had and befor they could stop the train it hit the semi-truck sized boulder and this is the result. The engineers ended up a little wet and were taken to the hospital[no easy task as the tracks are on the opposite side of the canyon than access from the hiway on the east side]for observation and mild hypothermia. Are in good shape. All the oil and deisel from the engine leaked out and the fire Dept from Thermopolis were trying to contain it last night and today with booms similar to what is being used in the gulf. No easy task and as this is a blue ribbon trout fishery with tons of water fowl it is a mess. Every time I drive this canyon I think about a boulder coming off the canyon walls. Has happened and is a deal where one could be in the wrong place at the wrong time I suppose.
Interesting side note. At the mouth of the canyon the Wind River changes its name to the Bighorn River that flows northward into the Yellowstone River in Montana. I believe in the very early days folks thought it to be two seperate rivers and when they realized their mistake they simply decided on a point that it changes name and said we'll call it Wedding of the Waters and have a big party every year to celebrate. Which until recent times was done. I don't hear too much advertized about the party any more. Excuse me, Celebration.
My thanks to Michelle Coveluzi who sent me the picture. I don't know where she got it.