Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Red Rock fire in the Gros Ventre[pronounced gro vont]wilderness has inundated our town with heavy smoke now for the third day.  Visibility is pretty bad down the streets of town and sure smells of wood smoke.  Ash is falling at times pretty heavily.  I took this photo last night [August 23]from the DuNoir valley high up and to the west of town.
A number of local residents avoided disaster as a fast moving fire came across the face of the montain several days ago into a housing area above Dubois.  Quick work and slurry drops by a bomber and 2 helicopters dropping water helped quell the fire.  A number of houses were foamed and sprinklers set up on others.  The fire did reach 2 houses but work and foam saved them.  By night fall monday the fire was pretty well out though we have 2 other big fires in the area.  Here is the Norton Point Fire[now in its third week]as seen from the Dubois golf course last night at west edge of town.
11"x14" Oil Painting
The yellow-gold of rabbitbrush is setting the hills of the upper country ablaze with this beautiful shrub like plant.