Saturday, February 5, 2011

We only found one old fellow who had actually taken up morning residency inside the leanto shed. He seemed quite comfortable there and being named grumpy by Deb-we were quite willing to leave him where he was.
If interested I have posted more photos of our trip in on my facebook page.
It was an interesting enjoyable morning. Even if the mountains were mostly obscured in falling snow showers.
Yesterday Vicki and I went up to the Diamond G ranch to photograph Moose. Deb Robinett wife of ranch manager Jon Robinett has been after me to get up there as they have had a number of Moose on the hay wagon. It was an interesting trip in as we were bucking some pretty good drifts. It is quite a drive in off the hiway and particularly this year with record amounts of snow. there has to be 3 feet at the ranch and then a lot of drifting. It is in a beautiful valley surrounded by high mountain peaks. Deb is a first class Wildlife photograher that we handle in our gallery. Her photos particularly of wolves and Grizzlies are outstanding.