Tuesday, August 30, 2011

9"x12" Goauche Watercolor Painting
From the west side of Togwotee Pass  winter snows lie deep and the setting sun heightens the colors of the mountains
8"x10" Oil Painting
On the opposite side of Jackson Hole from the Tetons is the Gros Ventre and Mt Leidy Highlands.  Overlooked wilderness of magnificent mountains and evening thunderstorms of summer heighten the color of evening

Friday, August 26, 2011

Auctioning off my Quick-draw Gouache Watercolor Painting at the Pioneer Museum Western and Wildlife Art Show.  My Laramie Peak painting seemed popular as I got top money in the auction for the painting.
I am a little behind in posting this.  Several weekends ago I participated in the Pioneer Museum Western and Wildlife Invittional Art Show in Douglas, Wyoming.  This is the 20th year for this show and is to be the last year for this event.  Attendance was great and they put on such a great show it will be hard to accept the fact that this is the last year. 
For the second year in a row I won the Peoples Choice Award with my Oil painting, END OF WINTER seen here in this photo at the upper left of my display shown off my my Great Granddaughter, Evie Anna.  The painting was also chosen for the Museum Purchase Award.  The third time in twenty years this has happened for me.  That is a wonderful honor.  My sales were really great and my auction painting went very well as did my Quick-draw which by far exceeded all my expectations.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Red Rock fire in the Gros Ventre[pronounced gro vont]wilderness has inundated our town with heavy smoke now for the third day.  Visibility is pretty bad down the streets of town and sure smells of wood smoke.  Ash is falling at times pretty heavily.  I took this photo last night [August 23]from the DuNoir valley high up and to the west of town.
A number of local residents avoided disaster as a fast moving fire came across the face of the montain several days ago into a housing area above Dubois.  Quick work and slurry drops by a bomber and 2 helicopters dropping water helped quell the fire.  A number of houses were foamed and sprinklers set up on others.  The fire did reach 2 houses but work and foam saved them.  By night fall monday the fire was pretty well out though we have 2 other big fires in the area.  Here is the Norton Point Fire[now in its third week]as seen from the Dubois golf course last night at west edge of town.
11"x14" Oil Painting
The yellow-gold of rabbitbrush is setting the hills of the upper country ablaze with this beautiful shrub like plant.

Monday, August 22, 2011

18"x24" Oil Painting
Saturday night was the annual Fund Raiser for the Chance Phelps Foundation and the Needs Of Dubois.  My gallery pardner, Tom Lucas and myself contributed a 1 hour Quick-draw painting for their fund raising.  Mine is a 16"x20" Gouache Watercolor painting of the Grand Teton.  Oh.  The Staff card.  We had to wear that to get into the event as the second of two nightly concerts were about to start and that allowed us entry for the evening.  All held at the Dubois Town Park.  that itself is quite a place for the little town of Dubois.  There were certainly a lot of people in attendance.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I have just posted my latest OUTDOOR ADVENTURE and hope you will take the time to look through it.  It is based on a day hike on the 4th of August NW of Dubois.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

8"x10" Oil Painting

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

15"X20" Oil Painting
From the Living room porch at Ring Lake Ranch-just south of Dubois, Wyoming.  It is such a special view.