Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For the last week to 10 days leading up to this last weekend we have had unbelievably warm and dry weather. Vicki and I went to Jackson to see the W R Leigh African show at the Wildlife Art Museum. It consisted of Pen & Inks he did along with his diary from one of his trips to Africa. Incredible work. If you have never been to the museum it is well worth the trip to Jackson, Wyoming just to see.
We left town towards evening to do a little hiking around Schwabachers Landing on the Snake River. I have posted a few pixs of that on my OUTDOOR ADVENTURE Blog. The sun set over the Tetons unveiling the coming change in weather. It has now turned quite cold though we in Dubois got very little snow.

10"x15" Oil Painting
While waiting for several paintings that I am working on to dry I have worked off and on on this small Oil Painting depicting a lone Pronghorn Antelope. I used a butte that is several miles north of Dubois and a part of the Dubois badlands as a backdrop.