Saturday, July 24, 2010

The DAY OF THE COWBOY in Dubois, Wyoming is over and I'm afraid I have relenqished my crown. I knew I would not have a chance with this busted up foot not allowing me to wear Cowboy boots. I even lent my spurs out to my pardners wife who clanked up and down the town Boardwalks showing off her boots and cowgirl hat. I did the quick-draw in the town square but it was forgotten as an announcement of the days events and I was the loneliest man in Dubois as I had a construction worker from the new road construction over Togwotee Pass as my audience. A few folks strode by but didn't stay long as this fellow was puffing away on a cigarette and talking non-stop. It is just as well as I would like to take it back into the studio and do touch-up and make it a completed painting.
In the meantime across the street in the Gallery the girls did a bang up job on Gallery sales. It has been a great busy week.

Yesterday I began my idea of a Grizzly with two cubs walking up the river while a Cow Moose and calf are walking the same direction up a river channel. This painting is 12"x30" Oil on Canvas. I will finish blocking it in today and a little detail work as I go. Who knows how interesting this encounter might become.
Today is the National Day of the Cowboy in Dubois and the town is going all out so I will be putting on my boots and spurs. A parade is schedualed along with a shoot out on the square across from our gallery. At the same time I will be doing a quick-draw of my own there. I sure hope they don't shoot the paintbrush out of my hand. I won the "BEST DRESSED COWBOY" last year and will be defending my title again today. {see my posts from one year ago-if you can find it} I just hope it warms up as it is 38 degrees this morning with a wind blowing. Brr.

The last few days of this week I worked up this painting from some photos I had taken near the south entrance to Yellostone Natl Park-along the Snake River. It is 10"x18" Oil on Masonite. As I worked on it I had another vision of something that just might work and so yesterday began another using the same landscape but including wildlife. See next post.