Thursday, March 4, 2010

I have finished putting the final touches on this Gouache Watercolor Painting.
Detailing out the brush and adding the light to the small spruces on the bottom left hand side. I have downloaded this post larger so by clicking on the image one might get a larger view of the painting.
I definitely must be posting too much as I was gone sunday thru tuesday and have had a number of e-mails and phone calls as to my whereabouts. Had my appt. with the foot Dr. Things are continuing to look pretty good. He gave me a velcro ankle brace that sure helps when I wear it and in fact did not use a crutch all day yesterday. Was feeling it though by night. Had my yearly heart Dr. check-up from the stints I had when life flighted 2 years ago whick I blame on the cancer treatments. I had elevated blood pressure which I have never had befor ??So I have to keep a check on that and let them know. Hmm. Then my wife decided it has been a number of years since we had our eyes checked so...Did great with the test with no changes except when I got to the Glaucoma test. Flunked that so now I get to see a specialist for that. Glad I didn't have a check-up with my cancer Doc. That has been great news for awhile now. Incidently the eye Dr told my wife that if everyone had her eyes he would be out of a job.
I did go back to this painting and want to thank everyone for their advice and input as I worked my way through this painting. I was going to include more Willows in the bottom but decided not to so I have only touched up a few spots and did the snow on the bottom log. I am going to call it finished.
A little more refinement plus adding the brush and trees on the side. Still pretty much silhouetted in. I have added tracks along the bottom following the stream.