Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Worked today beginning on the detail and again from left to right and from top to bottom and back to forward. Blackrock Creek begins at Togwotee Pass on the continental divide above Dubois and runs westward into Jackson Hole where it meets up with first the Buffalo River then the Snake River. I was really taken with the light hitting the snow and the snow edges along the open and frozen water. I have left the white of the paper for those lightest edges and a grayer-blue for the tops of the snow with darker cast shadows. In the previous post I had pretty much 1 value in the shadows but all ready I have deepened those back in the trees. I began the trees as dark silhouettes then paint lighter values over defining form. The dark was mixed Indigo and Neutral tint[winsor newton]Some Quindricine rose in places too just to add differences though one would be hard pressed to notice those color changes. I am painting this on #1 Crescent illustration Board.
I must be posting too much on this site as I have been away for several days and have several folks e-mailing wondering where I was.
So back to business. Befor I left last weekend I had started this Gouache watercolor 18"x22" image size, BLACKROCK WINTER. I am in my winter period apparantely. Even though most folks have been in a whiteout most of this winter and ahte to see something like this-we here in NW Wyoming are receiving none of it. Our snow is at 30% of normal. Similar to the winter of 1988 which of course were the prelude to the fires in Yellowtone National Park.
Could we please have some of your snow?