Monday, November 8, 2010

I should be getting quite a bit of work done in the next 8-10 days as my pardner in the gallery is off to Death Valley Days in Nevada for an art show and I am left to run the gallery which is extremely slow this time of year afording me the opportunity to get a lot of painting time in. Yesterday I worked further on my Monkey Flower-Stream painting. No. The monkey flowers are not in yet. Maybe today or tomorrow I will get to them. I had started with acrylic for the underpainting and am now working Oil over the top and detailing out with them.
MONKEY FLOWERS 16"X20" Oil Painting on gessoed panel.


martinealison said...

Je suis absolument éblouis par la facilité que vous avez à faire apparaître l'eau dans votre travail. Elle a cette pureté de l'eau de source... Bises
RDV avec les Monkey flowers!

Melissa said...

This is looking good. I am not familiar with Monkey Flowers so I am looking forward to your progress.
I can't imagine that you could get more done!

r garriott said...

Looking good...! I like seeing the stages.
Monkey flowers, is that mimulus, the shade plant?

Bruce Sherman said...

Gidday there Pardner!... Love this new one... the acrylic underpainting has really given you a sound base to bring the oils into play the way you have already!

Goin' to be one beauty Sir!

Enjoy that peace n' quiet... and keep that pigment flowing!I'll drop back again SOON!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

Ruby said...

You make it look so simple ... but I know it is not. Takes a special vision and application to create the wonderful paintings you produce.