Sunday, November 14, 2010

A big event for a little town that seems to have a lot of little events. The nations Christmas tree that will be installed in Washington D C was escorted into town by a number of horseback riders all carrying Wyoming flags as well as our nations flag. State police, Sherriff deputies, Forest Service police and Secret Service agents were everywhere. Speeches were made and anyone wanting to signed their names on the side of the truck. Mine included. Interestingly it was accompanyed by a second semi that carried support equipment for the tree including watering devices for it. Even though it is cut down it is fed 1600 gallons of water/day.
After an hour the police escort and all headed out eastward and towards Washington. I had never thought of Secret Service people being involved with something like this but guess in this day it has to be done. Who knows what some idiot or terrorist might attempt. It certainly brought out the town populace which is pretty lean now with everyone off to Arizona and Florida for the winter. That is what happens to a small summer mountain town. A number of folks found their way into the gallery just to warm up over our blazing wood stove.


Melissa said...

That is a very interesting story Gary. Who would think, secret service for a Christmas tree!

Ruby said...

Wow, that is indeed quite an event. Can't secret service personnel guarding a christmas tree...but there you go, times have changed.
Thanks for sharing this story, wonderful insight into a different world!
Like the picture also of your gallery, looks like a nice place to visit.