Friday, October 29, 2010

I spent some time working on my Moran Beaver Ponds painting. I raised the tree line on the left hand side and worked more on the islands as well as the Dam and Beaver house. I was hoping to finish it today but there is a building[repair]job on my studio that needs attention and the weather is a litle warmer and with my pardner offering to help...No I am not allowed to go to the lumber yard for material-alone anyway-as that is what led to my crushed foot last year. My wife has given strict orders to not go near high edges. LOL


debwardart said...

I'm LOVING Grand Teton! I agree with your wife - but I would let you go to the lumber yard alone as long as you promised to let your pardner do the repair work - you be the supervisor and stay on terra firma and let others do the repairs!

Gary Keimig said...

Well my repair idea was more than I was bargaining for. Looks like the joists under my deck are rotted more than is repairable so we decide3d to let it winter and tear it out this spring and rebuild with a covered roof[log construction]Will make a nice feature for my studio. So no broken body parts this fall.