Thursday, June 3, 2010

I have posted this photograph I took several falls ago of a nice Mule Deer Buck on my Wilderness Art Challenge blog. Hope you will check it out and try your concept of this fellow.
I think spring is finally arriving. Am home again and for a while. Did do a day up in Yellowstone Memorial Day. There is still more snow than bare ground there. A little less in the Tetons and the weather is now in 60's day time and only down to 44 last night. The trees are just now sprouting leaves and in a few days there should be a green canopy overhead.
Sure a lot of grumpy folks in Dubois. Particularly new people and a few more homes for sale from discouraged folks about our long winter and no spring. Just a normal year. Is a chance of snow for tonight. And winter begins again in 3+ months. LOL


Teresa said...

The photo is a real keeper.

Had to laugh about the "grumpy" folks in Dubois! I would imagine your fierce, long winters take some getting used to. Snow tonight? And winter in 3+ months? You guys are tough up there!

debwardart said...

Grumpy - in that gorgeous country! They must be "city folk"! I'd actually love that kind of weather. And congrats to you and your lovely family - good luck to the girls in their future endeavors.