Friday, April 2, 2010

I took this photo outside the shop of another monument sized bronze by D Michael Thomas. Unfinished it depicts an old time cowboy who has reached down into a pool of water to fill his hat with water for a drink. Water will drip out of his hat back into the pool. It is designed to be a fountain if you will with the horse standing in the pool and water continually running. A background of rock and a falls accompany the bronze. I have seen one of these set up and it is quite impressive. As you can see I am accompanied by Mitze who considers herself extremely important. The kids have several dogs and a pot bellied pig who all run out to greet you. The pig thinks he is barking along with the others and seems quite excited about everything.


AutumnLeaves said...

I just want to see the pig; he sounds hysterical! The statue/fountain monument is gorgeous, Gary. I'd love to see it up and running!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Hey of course Mitze is important she's a Pom, I've got two can you imagine what my life is like lol.

Kay said...

Pot bellied pigs are something. OUt in the Sweetwater Country, there is one that follows Charlie McIntosh and his cowdogs helping herd cows. It's a painting I am thinking of doing. It's a hoot.
I would like to see the bronze completed also.
We got 6-8 inches of snow with lots of moisture in it. My driveway is a lake again. Good thing I don't have to go anywhere!

Mary Paquet said...

Gary, you lead such an interesting Western life. thanks for sharing the bronze work with us. Your son-in-law must be a wonderful finisher to have such an accomplished artist entrust his work to him.

"Across Moraine Park" makes me want to visit. Somehow I have missed this one in my travels. wonderful piece.

martinealison said...

I would be very interested to see this very big and gorgeous statue in its environment when it will be finished.
And why not with you near it.
Best regard

Susan Roux said...

You described it so well. I can just imagine the fountain! Such a nice design.

I had a Mitze years ago. His name was Toby and the coloring was exactly the same. Later we got the much larger size, white samoyed, we called Glacier. lol Your Mitze looks adorable!

Celebration of Life said...

I know Mike Thomas! He lived outside of Buffalo when I lived there. His father was a Game Warden in Jackson when my dad was a Game Warden in Pinedale... and another tidbit of worthless information, his dad Dave and my dad both bought orange 1978 Ford pickups. When I lived in Buffalo, I still had my dad's truck and Mike still drove his dad's truck. I think they were the only two orange pickups in the county! :o)

Rosemary said...

Great post, Gary! Thanks for this "before" look at what will be a wonderful monument! Hope to see photos of it installed! Mitze is adorable!

Gary Keimig said...

Thanks girls for all your comments. I think I have heard about the cowdog pig of the Sweetwater, Kay. I believe it.
Had lunch today with your Wind River Valley Art Guild coconspirator, Tammy. Tom, Tammy and Tinker brought up their masterpieces from Arizona. Were in the Gallery only about an hour with a nice little blizzard raging outside unloading paintings with only some of the lights on and sold a piece of pottery and I took in a framing job. guess it is high time to get the gallery open.
I'll have to look up a picture of the pig Sherry and post it.
Both my daughters have a Pomeranian and they both rule their households, Elizabeth.
I'll have to see if my daughter has a picture of the fountain to post, Susan and Martinalison. It is pretty spectacular.
Mary it has been a few years since I have been down to Estes Park and am looking forward to going down there next month. It is a beautiful area.
Jo-I should know that your dad would have known D Michael. As you know his mother was quite a wildlife artist herself. I knew Michael when he was a young boy living in Torrington, Wyoming where his father was a Game Warden and lived up the street from my grand parents. It is true that Chris Ledoux and Garth Brooks were good friends and even performed together at times. D Michael is also quite a musician and played with Chris a time or two. I didn't know Chris but I knew a lot of people in the Kaycee area. A lot of those ranch kids went to school in Casper and were good friends of mine and outr family. Kathy Hanson from the Red Fork boarded with my folks in highschool. My good highschool buddy, paul Latham married a ranch girl from same area and their son was Deke Latham who was killed on a bull in rodeo and thus is now the Deke Latham Rodeo in Kaycee. It has produced a number of great rodeo riders.
Rosemary-I promise to get a photo of the finished bronze and will post it.

Celebration of Life said...

Yes, Chris and Garth were good friends! Garth's suggestions to Chris turned his career around. Chris married a Kaycee girl and they have a ranch there but Chris was not a "local" but he was loved by everyone he came in contact with.

When my dad retired from the G&F, he received an original painting by Betty Thomas. I admired her work very much.

You never did say how long we have to get the moose painting completed???

Gary Keimig said...

month of April Jo. I have finally put a link to my new blog, WILDERNESS ART CHALLENGE Now you can see paintings of the moose as they come in plus information on the challenge.
There is a really great painting of Betty Thomas in the visitors center at Moose Wyoming-Grand Teton National Park along with a number of other well known artists of the area. One of my favorites is by Grant Hagan who was a Wyoming Wildlife magazine illustrator when I was a kid and ate up what he was doing. Later I was the last artist to do cover paintings for that magazine befor they went strictly to photography. Looking at what they bought from a young just getting started artist I can't believe they bought them much less published them. They used on of my Brown Trout paintings on the colver of Finny Friends which was a publication on Wyoming fish.