Saturday, March 6, 2010

While much of the state has been receiving snow since yesterday and in fact S E Wyoming is snowed in with road closures we are looking pretty good. We did have a couple of inches yesterday morning but you could not tell it now. My wife and I went out for breakfast this morning and as Vicki likes to walk the mile back home I drove up onto the hill above our house to check out the countryside. Here is the view, with yesterdays snow melted out, of the Ramshorn. I glassed all the country in a 360 degree view and could not find one elk or any critter for that matter. There are several wolf packs working in our area and they have the ungulate populations pretty scattered and laying low.
It is not that warm out but with no wind and the sun shining brightly my wife is out on our deck with her morning coffee. I do believe I will join her. Just too nice to be doing any work.


debwardart said...

Got a chuckle out of your mentioning in one sentence how your wife likes to walk home and in the other sentence that there are wolf packs in the area - "was it something she said"????!!!!
I love how the men out in your area really do wear those cowboy hats - you look quite the western gentleman! And soooo happy to hear that you are doing so well with the foot - no crutch! - that's a milestone.

Perry Brown said...

Is this up by Dubois? Just beautiful!

Dors said...

You certainly have the best scenery there Gary. Hope you enjoyed breakfast. After Vicki's good walk home...(good for her.) The coffee would taste great. I know you probably wish you could walk with her.

Enjoy morning coffee on the deck. What a life... hehehe just like ours. but we don't have the scenery like you. :(

Kelly Singleton said...

Wow, what a view!