Thursday, March 4, 2010

I definitely must be posting too much as I was gone sunday thru tuesday and have had a number of e-mails and phone calls as to my whereabouts. Had my appt. with the foot Dr. Things are continuing to look pretty good. He gave me a velcro ankle brace that sure helps when I wear it and in fact did not use a crutch all day yesterday. Was feeling it though by night. Had my yearly heart Dr. check-up from the stints I had when life flighted 2 years ago whick I blame on the cancer treatments. I had elevated blood pressure which I have never had befor ??So I have to keep a check on that and let them know. Hmm. Then my wife decided it has been a number of years since we had our eyes checked so...Did great with the test with no changes except when I got to the Glaucoma test. Flunked that so now I get to see a specialist for that. Glad I didn't have a check-up with my cancer Doc. That has been great news for awhile now. Incidently the eye Dr told my wife that if everyone had her eyes he would be out of a job.
I did go back to this painting and want to thank everyone for their advice and input as I worked my way through this painting. I was going to include more Willows in the bottom but decided not to so I have only touched up a few spots and did the snow on the bottom log. I am going to call it finished.


Brenda said...

Just beautiful...

Shirley Peters said...

Great job on this painting its beautiful.
AS for the blood pressure... no salt now?

Dors said...

Great job with this Gary. Love it.

So glad the Velcro ankle brace is working out good for you.
Grrrrrr Glaucoma..I also have signs and it runs in my family.
Your wife is so lucky to have exceptionally good eye sight.

Looking forward to your next painting.

Gary Keimig said...

thanks for the comments girls.
Believe it or not, Shirly. I don't even put salt on any of my food. I have always had abnormally below normal blood pressure. My wife is suddenly running high pressure. we are wondering if the nasty chest colds we both had are affecting it??
Yep. Dors. Glaucoma is in my family genes too. Wonder why we can't get our spouces genes as part of the getting married deal??

Dors said...

LOL Gary. I like that one. and it should definitely be a requirement when exchanging vows.

Janet Belich said...

Wow Gary,you really seem to have had a bad stretch. Enough to get most people down. Yep, we're all keepin' tabs on you. Back up in the saddle soon,ok ? ! ;)