Saturday, January 2, 2010

Since I had talked a little bit about my framing options I thought I would post this pix of EMERGING GRIZZLY with the frame I have picked. I cut a 3/4" fabric mat that I have as a liner. If I stay with this option it would be best to glass over the painting and mat. I have not decided yet so I have not applied any varnish to it. If I do varnish it I will have to delete the mat option and either build a 3/4" liner or will have to paint the painting on all 4 sides another 3/4" as I had masked off that much in anticipation of using the mat. Not really that difficult with gouache just a little more time consumption on my part.


debwardart said...

I have varnished w/c on clayboard but not on paper - is this something you do often? I once taped the edges of a board and when it was finished about 1/4" ended up showing under the edge of the frame and I had to paint - and match! - those edges - what a pain! If I were you I'd just go with the mat option!

Celebration of Life said...

I absolutely love this grizzly bear painting!