Friday, August 21, 2009

I had this little fellow and his mom come by for a visit last night. They were very cooperative in letting me get some good pictures. He should end up in a painting in the not too distant future.

I have gotten back to work on this 18"x24" Oil on canvas. I have a lot of folks asking about it in the gallery as I have it setting against the wall near where I am set up to paint. With that much interest in it I guess I had better get it finished.

I have begun working on my commission work that is piling up during the summer. This is a piece that I am doing in Oils of the Sleeping Indian from the area of the Gros Ventre[pronounced grow vont]River in Jacson Hole. I have used Acrylic on Ray Mar canvas and am just beginning to work Oils into the sky. I am still a little unsure how I want to treat the foreground so that may cahnge as I get into it. This painting is 18"x24"