Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It is a busy week as we open the gallery for the season. Tom my pardner is back from the Celebration In Art Show in Arizona and he, his wife Tammy and I hung and rehung paintings for most of the day. Chris who does that fantastic jewelry and Verna Boller worked hard at shampooing carpet and filling nail holes and touching up walls. We are now officially open and in our first day made a good sale. In spite of the down economy we are optimistic about the season. As Tom says, "We put our trust in the Lord and we can't help but be successful. It sure worked last year with a way better than expected season. That is Tinker our gallery "mascot", who thinks everyone coming into the gallery is there to see him. I have the perfect sales pitch. "If you buy the dog I'll throw in a painting". Toms wife is quick to straighten folks out on that. Dan,our leather worker is the other hombre in these pixs. He has been a great help in opening too.
That big bronze of the Pack horse on the floor is one of our pardner, Bud Boller's pieces. It was commissioned by Charleton Heston and Bud nailed it. Since Charlton's death there is talk about doing a monument of this bronze for the NRA headqurters. If you are ever in Jackson, Wyoming-Look at the bronze in the middle of the town square of the bucking horse. It is Buds.