Monday, February 2, 2009

You may notice I have added a new blog to my site I simply call, Wyoming.
In order to free up this blog to my art and the events that feature the Silver Sage Gallery I am moving my photos to this site and upon the urging of several friends-that will consist mostly of a 'Photo of the Week". I hope all will enjoy it and please comment often.
I had to leave the show on saturday afternoon to run down to Riverton, 75 miles downcountry to participate in an art quick-draw at the Winter Carnival being held there. About 25 artists from around the region were participating with 1 hour time limit to produce a piece of art which was then auctioned off. Here is my finished piece depicting the Grand Tetons in winter dress. It is a watercolor. Were a lot of people in attendance and I got a great price for this piece.

Chris Phelps is another pardner in the Silver Sage Gallery and specializes in fine silver Jewelry using a lot of turquois with her own designs. She is a true artist and does great work. She also is a great sculptor and comes up with the greatest little pieces. A turtle is a collectors favorite and her Beaver candlesticks are a real jewel.
Our fourth pardner, Tom Lucas is in Arizona doing a 10 week show. He is a great painter using oil and particularly in doing his still life paintings. Tom is also a master at doing museum quality indian artifact work. Check out his blog accessed from this site.

My pardner Chris Phelps got a picture of me at my booth.

Dan Miller, is one of our artists in the gallery and specializes in leatherwork which includes a beautiful touch to western mirrors, picture frames, and various other items.
In the other photo are two other artists represented by Silver Sage Gallery. John Finley on the left is explaining the finer points of scrimshaw which he is a master at along with his watercolors displayed on the panel they are standing in front of depicting wildlife and western life. Les Lefevre is a fantastic western oil painter. His wife, Kathy listens in on the conversation
This past weekend was a busy one for myself and the artists at Silver Sage Gallery. It all began with the annual GIFT TO THE COMMUNITY art show which is held in conjunction with a big Sled Dog race and a Soup cook off held at the Headwaters Art and Convention Center in Dubois, Wyoming. The art show was established several years ago to hilight art being produced for shows and outside galleries by the amazing western and wildlife artists that call Dubois home. Our town public were complaining that they never got to see what we were doing befor it was sent out. So. The art show. Bud Boller is an amazing western sculptor and one of the Silver Sage Gallery pardners. Here he is sharing one of his stories with a Dubois citizen. Bud has many. From his grandfather who rode with Butch Cassidy on to what he did this morning.