Saturday, November 21, 2009

16"X20" Oil Painting
I have just completed this oil that I have been painting off and on along with 5 other paintings the past few weeks. They all seem to be at the point of completion about the same time.
It seems that my blog comment has been discombubalated[is that a word?]Hopefully I have it fixed and do appredciate all comments on my work.


Dors said...

I love the foliage in this piece. Lighting and shade is superb.

Love it.

Dors said...

I hope I am not stepping out of line here with my critique as I will never be able to produce the standard of work that you do. I just see something that stands out. My first glance ...the deer hit me and I thought it was pasted onto the painting.... like the light outline was just a little too much... Please forgive me if I am wrong.

Please don't feel you need to approve and publish my comment.
Your work is always so wonderful and so interesting...It brings me back here all the time.