Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Saratoga is an interesting little Wyoming town very similar in a lot of ways to Dubois, my home town. Was also once a thriving logging community with ranching and recreation as side ventures. Logging is now gone leaving it to ranching still along with some Dude activity and outdoor recreation. River Float trips are a big thing for fly fishing in summer with snowmobiling and cross country skiing in winter. The town does have a hot springs with a pool but most impressive are two 18 hole golf courses. The Saratoga Inn, a resort kind of place and the Old Baldy Club that have huge CEO style homes along with bungalow rentals that are frequented by who's who in America at different times. It is not uncommon to find Movie Stars and World celebrities flying in to town in Lear Jets to take in a few rounds of golf. They are seldom seen by the general populace as it is a rather well kept secret about who is in town and when.

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i like that painting:)~kassi