Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Finished and framed up. I don't know about the mat I put on it but am stuck with what I thought would work and had brought. Several other artists were painting out on the sidewalk in front of the gallery.
The fellow in the black Cowboy hat standing is Steve Moulton who is from the Moulton family that have the famous, most photographed barns in the world with the Tetons in the background. Steve is a wonderfully talented singer [cowboy songs-not western but cowboy]His wife is a writer and has been in our gallery talking with my pardner, Tom Lucas about filming some more movies of him with his Indian Craft work. I ended up with one of Steves C D. It is great music.

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Unknown said...

Gary, I have been catching up on the visits to other bloggers since I arrived in Denver last Sunday.
I just love your paintings of late; the buffalo, the bear creek, the hunted are wonderful! I think this one is lovely too and the mat compliments the greens from what I can tell.

I have to check out some of the artists you mentioned, too.

I am taking photos all the time on this trip.
Saw a rainbow tonight that took my breath away.

Hope to get up your way soon.