Wednesday, September 23, 2009

At the end of the quick-draw my wife and myself headed for Yellowstone and spent several days there. Research and working with the wildlife were a way of relaxing and enjoying ourselves after the art world of Jackson. We stayed at West Yellowstone and as the road from Madison to Norris is closed we essentially hiked and photographed the area from Old Faithful to West Yellowstone. We did go up the Norris road that was being shunned by the tourists thinking the shole roasd was closed and found the whole region all to ourselves and critters galore enjoying what critters without toursts do such as this Cow Elk and her two fawns enjoying a run through the meadow. I took 445 photos. Elk, Buffalo, Coyotes, Eagles, Geysers,and general landscapes. All great research for future paintings.


Peter Brown said...

Gary, I watched Episode 1 of the BBC production "Yellowstone" on TV last Sunday night - it's immediately been added to my list of dream destinations. I look forward to seeing the paintings your visit is sure to inspire.

Anonymous said...