Sunday, July 5, 2009

After a fantastic parade as only a small out of the way little western town can do. Only one horse wreck and fast ending because of a sudden down pour, my pardner, Tom Lucas and I walked across the street for a better look at the bronzes and to get some good pictures of them.

John Phelps bronze. John is best known world wide as the father of Chance Phelps from the recently filmed HBO movie, TAKING CHANCE. An awful way to be remembered. This is a great piece. The cowgirl is actually holding an apple in the one hand behind her back. The bronze is designed in such a way as the public[children]is encouraged to sit on the colt and have their picture taken.

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Sheila said...

aaahhh thanks for the extra images! These sculptures are AWESOME! All the thought that went into the planning of a 3D image. Amazing. I actually thought the horse with the cowboy was real when I saw it in the first photo. I like extra facts you added to. I'm going to research John Phelps now.