Thursday, June 25, 2009

My wife, Vicki and pardner Chris Phelps each have their Birthdays on June 21 and for the second year in a row we had a cake at the reception for them. Chocolate and Strawberry. Good and sweet.
After a hectic weekend and running the gallery the first part of the week Vicki and I took off wednesday and went to Jackson, the Tetons, and late afternoon up to Yellowstone where we hiked around the Snake River at the south entrance and then on up to Crawfish Creek and Moose Falls where we hiked about a 1/2 mile upstream. It is one of my favorite streams in the country and so overlooked by anyone. Most folks don't even know about the falls and it is amusing to watch a steady stream of people drive by the parking lot oblivious to what they are passing. I just never see any tracks along the stream from folks walking up there. It is pretty rough with a lot of downfall but I guess that keeps it off limits for a lot of folks. We stopped at Flagg Ranch at the south entrance to use the facilities and I overheard a couple pouring over a Yellowstone map. The fellows wife was informing him "We are here and here is where we want to be by 7:00." What a way to spend a trip. If they only knew what they were missing by having to be "there"
By evening we stopped at Colter Bay on the way back home for supper and I had one of the best Buffalo Burgers I have had in some time. That really surprised me.
After Supper we are on the road again and climbing toward Togwottee Pass when at nearly dark we find a large Grizzly Boar strolling through the Sagebrush and timber about 150 feet off the road. I try to get a few pictures but they don't turn out. Just too dark. We watch him for a good 10-15 minutes and finally loose sight of him in the darkness and timber. What an animal. On up and over the pass we have to really watch it as there are a lot of elk on the hiway. We brake numerous times for them. Quite an eventful day.


Jill Berry said...

This is a beautiful scene. Have you painted it yet?
Another Bear sighting!!!
Yellowstone made me think of last week when my grandsons happened upon an old cartoon of Yogi Bear in Jellystone park...
Loriann, a pastel artist had a bear sighting this week too!

Janet Belich said...

Gary, Colter Bay is where my neighbor and good friend is working this summer ! If you get back that way give a big "Hey" to Matt Bigelow.

Gary Keimig said...

Thanks, Jill. I have done a few paintings ot this area and Moose falls is a favorite painting subject as I have seen it done a few times in art magazines. Guess I should post it. Is a beautiful waterfall.
What does Matt do at Colter Bay, Janet? Would be fun to stop and tell him you sent me.

Anonymous said...

You are going to have to get a night camera or come clean and quit making these claims of all the grizzlies you see. You have to have scientific proof!!!

Anonymous said...

Just purchased a paintin Elk along the Snake River Grand Tetons. Its great. Can you tell me when you painted it. My husband and I live in Oklahoma, but we have a cabin in Marble Colorado. Have you got something from that area, its quite breathtaking, especially up in Crystal, where the mill is located.Ron and Doris Miller