Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This is the second day of 4 days of the Antler Sales and display in Dubois and is the forerunner of the big Antler auction in Jackson this coming weekend when antlers are auctioned off from collections done on the National Elk Refuge by the Boy Scouts. Proceeds go towards buying feed for winter feeding. About 30 vendors are in Dubois currently selling antlers, art work done with antlers as well as furniture. Artisans from miles around come to this event to stock up on all types and kinds of antlers and horns which are then used in their various artistic forms. Dustin Stephenson who is our potter at the Silver Sage Gallery was here yesterday and claims he spent too much money. His young son who was with him said he was in big trouble with mom when they returned home.

Kurt and Lynn who have a gallery featuring Curts antler work are one of the vendors and was showing off the elk he crafted this winter made from Deer and Elk antlers. Several hundred of them. Lynn showing off the crafted elk here is also an amazing potter and does some unbelievable abstract work with her photography which she has received national attention for.

She was explaining to me that song birds at their gallery have taken to building nests within the cavity of the elk. That is pretty cool.


Teresa said...

Wow! I never knew that there was such a thing as an Antler Auction! The things you learn on blogs!

Gary Keimig said...

It is a pretty big deal in this part of the country. For a number of years it was a real big money thing when the Chinese and other oriental folks were using antler ground up for aphrodesiacs[sp]after the crackdown on Elephant and Rhino from Africa. That seems to have dropped off some. Elk Antlers were going for over $15.00 per pound. Moose right now is selling for $18.00/lb. But is mostly being used in Art. From furniture to carved scenes within the horn. Like I said it is amazing what people will think up given a little imagination. Of course if not picked up after the animals shed their horn, antlers- they are gnawed away by little critters or disintegrate to dust.