Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not quite sure where I should post this. Here on my personal blog or on my Painting-a-day blog.

My wife and I went over to Jackson Hole yesterday with news from various folks that a grizzly was near the Oxbow Bend and easily photographed. We didn't find him but spent some time chasing around the countryside looking for critters and with the idea to do a little Plein Aire painting. Took the road up to Pilgrime Creek until we were stopped by a lot of snow. Had a picknic off the tailgate of the truck surrounded by snow and was wanting to do a painting there but it was cold and quite windy. Finally went to Pacific Creek and set up for this scene of the Grand Teton. Sometimes is fun to paint in the absense of much light as this was a very clousy day. Wind and cold. No grizzly but lots of elk. Saw probably 2-3000 head. One moose and various other critters.

9"x12" Plein Aire Oil Painting

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Unknown said...

I have wanted to come to see the Tetons for a long time. This makes me want to more so. Great view and good painting!...I haven't spent enough time looking at your site, so I will tonight.