Sunday, May 17, 2009

I had planned to get back to work on my Owl painting that I had started several weeks ago but was hopeing for one more snow for research on my spruce boughs. Just when I needed that one more snow of course it has quit snowing. The trees are even budding out now. The river is a little higher and with over 8 feet of snow in the mountains it might be an exciting runoff particularly as I live along that river. We have one saving grace though in this area. With the high elevation it freezes every night and that puts a natural control on run off[famous last words??]
Any way I had taken several photos of the Jakeys ForkCreek area east of Dubois this past winter and have been wanting to do a couple of long narrow paintings of them. I am also exsperimenting with acrylic as an underpainting befor finishing off with oil. I don't know how far I will take it with the acrylic befor doing that so we will see where that will go. The painting is on linen canvas and is 15"x30". I am doing this in my gallery and it is interesting how the comments from folks coming in go. It is sure a great way of meeting folks. Last night a bear specialist and his wife came in on their way to Yellowstone where he works with gizzly bears to begin the summer season. They were fun people to visit with.
I will be including Mule Deer into the landscape as they slowly traverse the scene-browsing as they go.


sam said...

I have wanted to experiment with the acrylics before oils too, you will have to let us know how you get on, looking like a cool painting

Kathy said...

Really beautiful painting! You really capture the mood, and your intimate understanding of the region shows. Can't wait to see what you paint next!