Monday, September 8, 2008

Some of my discovered wildlife. These two provided me with a number of photo opps. Waterfowl cruising the creek. A coyote too far away for a good pix but still fun to watch, an Osprey perched on a Spruce and tracking a moose that I decided was a little too close for comfort was some of those wildlife encounters for the day
I spent the morning doing a little research by hiking along Torrey Creek. Getting good and wet in a pretty strong east wind with mist and fog. Hiking through willow jungles, swamps and Spruce forests. Encountering some wildlife and all the while getting good research for paintings. Its a great country.
This is an Oil Painting I have just competed. FISH CREEK is 22"x28" and if interested please contact me through

This has proved to be a pretty popular painting and upon some artist friends urging I have reproduced it in a Giclee Print series. It is in an addition of 50 and sells for $250.00 framed.
The original is now sold