Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bomber Basin Cougar

This is a fairly large oil painting I am doing for a client. 30"x40". I have begun the painting with an underpainting in Acrylic which dries fast and allows me to get right to work with my oils. I have one setting with the oils which pretty much meant doing the mountains in the background and the trees. It takes a few days of drying time between painting sessions so is about time to tackle this job again. I will post another view after another session within the next few days and you can then watch theprogress.

The last in the series of small paintings I have recently finished is this 8"x10" Oil Painting, Diamond D Hay depicting the fenced in Hay put up for winter feeding on the Diamond D ranch just north of Dubois.
Camp Horses is an Oil painting 8"x10" from one of my many Pack trips into the mountains. There is something serenly calming watching the horses peacefull graze who work so hard packing our gear and ourselves into the back country. This is just another of those small paintings I work on between the time of working on the larger
more time consuming paintings.

This 8"x10" Oil painting, Aspen Country, is of one of my favorite subjects. Aspens during the fall particularly in association with the Pine and Spruce forests of our area are a kalideoscope

of color. The season is over way too soon but is a time to look forward to year round.
It has been a cold very windy week which has kept me pretty close to the Studio and therefor getting a lot of painting in. I have been working on 3 quite large commissions which are time consuming and to break the tedium a little I have worked on several other small wildlife paintings. This just completed piece I call October Morning. It is a 10"x12" Oil painting.