Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This morning I went back up to Torrey Creek, home of the largest Bighorn Sheep herd in the world. I spotted a number of them high on a ridge well out of my time frame for reaching them this day. It is -9 degrees so pretty brisk temperature wise. The slopes of Whiskey Mountain are also full of Elk slowly retreating towards the timber to spend a day resting after grazing the cold slopes all night. There are many deer out and I spend a good portion of the early morning photographing them including this nice buck skylined against a cloudless blue sky. A little different from yesterday that found us with falling temperatures and nearly 5" of snow.


Kay said...

Those are beautiful photos.
Can I use them for reference.
I was told by your office manager that you had better stop traisping about and get to painting!
I love that shot of the Ram. Are the elk close enough for photos?
Hope all is well with you and Vickie. Are you ready for the Holidays? Merry Christmas., Kay

Gary said...

ready for the season. As for that office manager. She is gone now for a 3-4 month period. So.. It is off into the hills with no repercussionbs. Oh. Well maybe I will have to worry about Vicki keeping me under the gun. Just too many women in my life.