Monday, June 30, 2008

Lower Ramshorn Lake. What a pristine beautiful spot and unheard of by many Dubois residents.


Kay Abeyta said...

So, Gary, how was Saratoga this year? I didn't put in for it because of the shortened days and less artists. I think they should keep it at 3 1/2 days and I would like it to be just an art show and no crafts. Anyways, maybe next year.
Take care, Kay

Gary Keimig said...

I agree it was way too short on days for selling. The reception and quick draw were on the 4th and that was a bad evening for such an event. About 30-40 people for quick draw and maybe 20 for the reception. The 5th was pretty busy and I sold 2 nice pieces. Won the Landscape award and did highest at a good price for Sartatoga on the quick draw. So all in all I did fairly well for the show.