Thursday, January 31, 2008

Today continues to be cold and very windy. Was even 0 last night. Snow continues to fall in mountains and they are socked in. Only a few fluffies here and wind. I set out to do this painting from Zion National Park and for a special show advertized on the park. Really started late on the project and the deadline has passed befor I felt the painting was finished. It is finally completed. Hope you enjoy THE GREAT WHITE THRONE 20"x24" Oil painting.


Tom Lucas Art said...

Gary, we know you are snowbound, but I think you are overdoing the a day, just like an apple...Otherwise you might turn into a computer geek.

Lots of love from Scottsdale Arizona and the Celebration of Fine of Art...
Deb and Tammy

Gary Keimig said...

I showed this painting at the Dubois GIFT TO THE COMMUNITY Art Show and had a person who said it spoke to her. She just had to have it. If I had entered it in the show in Utah it would have been tied up through 2009. Some times things turn out for the best.