Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bomber Basin Cougar

This is a fairly large oil painting I am doing for a client. 30"x40". I have begun the painting with an underpainting in Acrylic which dries fast and allows me to get right to work with my oils. I have one setting with the oils which pretty much meant doing the mountains in the background and the trees. It takes a few days of drying time between painting sessions so is about time to tackle this job again. I will post another view after another session within the next few days and you can then watch theprogress.

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Unknown said...

Hi Gary, Nice idea this BLOG. I am especially interested in watching the progress of a painting.
The detail you put into the mountains always interests me. It is background I know, but that detail adds so much pleasure for me. You know my fascination with geology [and accuracy in painting geological details].
I wish you the best. Cheers,
Alan A.