Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This past weekend I attended the 2-Shot Goose Art Show in
Torrington, Wyoming where I also participated along with a dozen other artists in the Quick-Draw.  One hour to do a painting that is then auctioned off to attendees.  My subject was the Grand Tetons in a summer setting.  It is a 15"x18" image size painted with Gouache Watercolor.


martinealison said...

Bravo pour ce challenge! Je ne serais pas capable de peindre en une heure seulement une peinture, si petites soit-elle!
Merci pour ce partage photographique! Beau l'homme au chapeau!... sourire.

Doreen Cross said...

Great work Garry. wow 1 hour paintings that would be a challenge.

Good choice in the Tetons.

Rosemary said...

ONE HOUR???!! Your painting is lovely! Sounds like a fun event and I bet the bidding was rather lively for this piece! Congratulations - great job!