Thursday, February 3, 2011

From my desk looking toward the stair railing. Unfinished paintings lined up on the side and2 of my saddles on the rail. The one with the lariat I inherited from my grandfather and have had and used since I was a kid. It is an old Association saddle with the high cantle and deep swells. I love it. It is probably close to 100 years old.
Hanging on the stairway is a Moose hide and there is an elk hide on the stair railing.



I 've got to hand it to you, you have guts. I hope the fire marshall isn't one of you blog fans. Just kidding Gary, very functional. Just Curious, what does Vicky think about it?

Gary Keimig said...

She is tickled pink. She is just happy I did not post befor pixs. I could not even work in it

Unknown said...

All look so interesting Gary. What a fabulous place you have. An artists paradise.

Love the bird photo..
Thanks for all the sharing.

Ruby said...

Took your studio tour.... what a wonderful 'studio' space you have created. All the 'treasures' an artist needs ... and so well organized!
Now I must research 'Association saddle' and find out what that might be.
Thank yo for sharing your 'space'. A most enjoyable read.

debwardart said...

Hi Gary, thanks for sharing your space. Really - because it kind of makes my space look better (ha, ha!) All I can say is thank goodness for other messy artists. I can put my finger on anything - until I go into a cleaning frenzy and then can't find a darn thing! But, only because I fear it is becoming dangerous to walk in some areas (!!) I'm gradually and slowly cleaning my studio/library and office areas and my clothes closet.
Love the story of your saddle, and I'll look forward to some bird paintings soon!

Kathryn Grider said...

Enjoyed your Studio tour Gary! Looks like you work very hard in there and are never at a loss for inspiration. Thanks for sharing it with us.