Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Received notification today on the Perez Gallery Show by vote. I didn't garner the neccessary votes but it was a lot of fun trying. Found out from family that they voted often. A no no. Maybe next time. Thanks to all who voted for me.

In checking out the calendar I realize time is running out for a show I have schedualed. As usual with this show I put in the titles then try and get something painted for them. That is the problem with the time lapse of entering and actually having the paintings delivered for the show. So I have begun this Gouache Watercolor painting to satisfy what I had titled.

I have gotten a lot done on my Cutthroat Painting. A little more work on the water and paint in a fly and I am about there. 11"x14" Oil Painting. SNAKE RIVER CUTTHROAT