Thursday, February 18, 2010

The last couple of days I have been dragging along not getting a whole lot done as I and anti-biotics never did get along too well but I do feel a litle better today so maybe I have this whatever flue whipped. don't know what it is as I had the Swine Flue shot, the regular flue shot and the pneumonia shot. Guess I had not been shot enough. I have managed though to call this pretty well finished. I can all ready see a couple of minor details I'll need to fix and wondered about the deer being hidden and thought I might bring him out a little more until I began writing this blog entry and watching a doe from my studio window moving along the brush at the rivers edge. No. I think I will leave him the way he is.

This is pretty thoughtful and cool. I was awarded the Sunshine award from two different individuals on the same day. Doreen Cross and Diane Marshall. Thankyou ladies. I thought about who I might send this on to and have more than the names allowed so rather than make that kind of decision I would like to include everyone on my blog list. Everyone I sneak a peek at on occassion are all well deservant only because they have made the decision to do art, share it, and take the time to comment and encourage each and every one of us. God bless you all.