Sunday, November 14, 2010

Had a nice visit with family members this weekend while still doing Gallery duty.
from left is grand daughter, Kassi,newly graduated Dr. Leseberg now.[Physical Therapist.] Grand daughter, Calli Ward, her boy friend, Adam who came up from college for the weekend. My daughter, Kim. great grand son Jude, Benjie[Kims dog]myself keeping our gallery agent in tow, Tinker. In the front is her royal majesty, Evie Anna. Her parents and another grand daughter were on their way to a concert in Denver but harrowingly made it only as far as Cheyenne where they are currently snowed in. Ahh. Winter in Wyoming


Carol Blackburn said...

Lovely photo, Gary. Such happy folk....:)

Ruby said...

Wonderful portrait; such nice smiling faces.

Anonymous said...

enjoyed reading both stories Gary: the tree sounds as if it is absolutely massive; and your family look like lovely happy people.