Monday, August 23, 2010

Saturday night the town festivities continued with the Ian Tyson concert. My favorite singer and performer. Moneys from this concert went to the Needs of Dubois which is moneys for special needs for folks with illness or down on their luck. I was a recipeint of this with my cnacer a few years back and sure do believe in the endeavor and contribute wholeheartedly. Here is some of my family, Son in law, Clay Ward, master bronze finisher, Vicki's sister, Jenny sitting on the ground, Vicki's folks, Vicki and in the front row, grand daughter, Calli and my daughter, Janet. Tom Lucas, my pardners wife-Tammy Lucas.

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debwardart said...

Love hearing the news from DuBois - it sounds like such a great place with caring people who love art! In other words, my kinda place! And I also love that your son-in-law's last name is WARD! You sure have been keeping busy.