Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Couldn't resist posting another picture from the Ring Lake bridge looking on the opposite side towards the Absaroka Mountains.

This was my completed quick-draw Gouache Watercolor Painting

Trail Lake


It is the view of the lake from the Dining Room that sits on a rock face looking out over the lake, Arrow and Middle Mountain and several glaciers that can be seen on the horizon. It is a view to die for. The base of the cliff contains numerous Indian Petroglyphs nearly a thousand years old. The ranch has quite a horse program and many were sitting a little gingerly watching the quick-draw as they had just arrived from the saddle into the cabin for my 45 minute painting. What fun we had. The painting after a scrumptious dinner acutioned off for $500.00. I give the ranch half.


Ring Lake Ranch is an Ecumenical wilderness Retreat Center that is st in a beautiful place. Surrounded by high peaks of the Wind River Range it sits between two mountain glacial Lakes seperated by Torrey Creek . This photo is from the bridge crossing the creek and by just crossing this stream you know you are entering a most special place. I served on the Board of Directors of the ranch for 21 years and as president for 7 years. I still have a place in my heart for the ranch. My oldest Grand daughter worked summers in highschool and college here.
Our weather has turned cold again and I was sure wishing for a fire in the cabin we held our event in. At 49 degrees everyone was dressed pretty warm. Snow will be falling in the higher country tonight. Chances of rain snow mix in town. Ahh. Life in the high country.

I had to do a quick-draw painting late this afternoon at Ring Lake Ranch SE of Dubois and being as 3 of our grandkids came up for a few days visit, Bryce went along to help pack gear to the community cabin for our little event.
We left a little early and checked up on some of the Indian Petroglyphs in the area. Guess to really get the creative juices going.