Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ever now and then we all have one of those days when the paintbrush and colors and canvass seems to hold magic. Today was one of those days for me.
I spent a good portion of the morning visiting with gallery visitors who were in the mood of asking endless questions and explaining how Aunt Martha paints. I was able to put down a fast acrylic underpainting on this gessoed masonite with a quick color scheme that I wanted. This was done in about 15 minutes and I was happy with what I had done. Finally about mid afternoon I was able to get to my oils and get to work. It seemed like the paint flowed without any fighting on my part for values and adjustments. Everything seemed to work effortlessly. In an hour I set it in front of Tom my pardner for critiquing and he suggested the lighter light just behind the trees. Five more minutes it was done.
We have been having some incredible cloud displays the last few days and nights and this is the inspiration for that. Besides I love doing clouds.
It is a 11"x15" Oil Painting on 1/8" gessoed untempered masonite that I gesso myself.
Several posts ago a question was put to me about wheather I liked putting down an Acrylic underpainting. I was not sure when I did that painting[The Mule Deer in the snow on canvas]but I sure liked how it workd with this painting.