Thursday, February 5, 2009

I haven't done this in a while so I thought I would post a painting from start to finish.
This is an oil painting, 24"x30" It is a commission piece and will be looking through an Aspen grove. I plan to include some deer also moving through the grove. I have merely blocked color into it at this point to establish an idea of what I want along with getting rid of the white of the canvass.
Stay tuned.
This is a recently completed oil painting, 11"x14" WHITEBARK PINES. So typical in the subalpine areas of our part of the country. These pine trees-so important to the ecosystem they are found in are a favorite and important food source for grizzlies who devour their pine cones in very late summer to early fall. The trees are now being decimated by Pine beetles and disease. It is hard to find a living tree in the Union Pass area SW of Dubois that is producing cones. There are younger trees coming along but there will be a long period of time befor they will produce the essential ingredients for many species survival. Clark Nutcrackers, a Jay like bird is another species important for survival of both species.