Saturday, November 28, 2009

This is a great time to be reflective on what it means to be Thankful. We had a great Thanksgiving with my wifes parents the only family that was able to make the trip to Dubois. That didn't hinder the intake of food in the least. We were as stuffed as the turkey we stuffed. The weather was great for travel if even a little too mild for this time of year.
Reflecting back on this year it was a time when I could really say for sure that I had beaten cancer after a 5 year battle with my last surgery this past spring and even though I messed myself up with a nasty fall this fall my heel is healing and I will have the rods and pins removed this coming week. I still feel so fortunate with the health I have struggled with just in the fact that our God has blessed me with a wonderful family and I have been able to fight through things. Whenever I got a little down the past several years all I had to do is look at a number of others around me who are having a far tougher time than myself. We had a great year in our gallery and I have been able to make a living with my art for many years.
We held our annual Gallery Holiday Show yesterday and although attendance was down a little from previous years we had good sales. [Check out the Silver Sage Gallery blog]
Yes. I do have a lot to be THANKFUL for.


Dors said...

Hi Garry. I am so pleased that you have fought the cancer battle. and I hope your heel will be ok once you have the rods and pin removed.

I always say that there are many people worse off and yes it does help to be thankful.

Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia.

No falls next year Gary... just lots of wonderful work to keep sharing with us.

Tom Lucas said...

Yes , we are both thankful that you and Vickie are in our lives and that you both are great friends. You are tough. God Bless

Gary Keimig said...

Thanks Dors and Tom and Tammy. Friends get us through a lot.

Leslie said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed the holiday too. We do have much to be thankful for.

ila said...

Gary, we are very thankful that you have shared your experiences, good and bad, with us. We do not take your patience, faith or talents lightly--all shine a light to others. We're happy you're in our lives. Al and Ila

Gary Keimig said...

Wow. Thanks Ila and Al. Love you both.
Thank you Leslie for your kind comment.

sam said...

Wow you have had a tough time Gary, and its very true we all have lots to be thankful for)

L.Holm said...

Hi, Gary! Congratulations on your 5-year mark. That's huge. I really admire your spirit with all you've had going on. Hope your literally back on your feet this year. Was also really inspired by your post on R.'s blog about your success with your own gallery.
Wishing you and your family lots of blessings in the days ahead.
best to you,

Teresa said...

Hi Gary,

I strongly agree. It's so refreshing - even healing - to clear our minds of the daily hustle and bustle and reflect upon the many blessings in our lives. I too, am thankful for such blessings, including the gift of such wonderful blog friends as you. So glad to hear you're healthy and living life to the full. As they say here in the south, "God bless you real good", my friend.