Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finished and framed. Sorry for the reflections in the glass.
I drew #26 out of 32 artists for placement in the auction. Boy is that nerve racking waiting for your turn and watching a lot of art bidding out way lower than in former years. Guess it is the economy. There was a lot of art less than $1000.00 and that just doesn't happen. Mine went for $1300.00 and what with the bids I felt fortunate to receive that. The artists receive 50% of the bid so still not bad for an hours work.


Sheila said...

$1,300!! Wow! That is fantastic. Love those darting deer and congrats on the Blog Award Gary!

Teresa said...

Congrats, Gary! I can see why your paintings do so well.... beautiful color and lots of appeal. Two thumbs up!

Derek McCrea said...

En plein air, I love the autumn colors in your landscape, wow.

Art by Derek McCrea