Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This was my completed quick-draw Gouache Watercolor Painting

Trail Lake


It is the view of the lake from the Dining Room that sits on a rock face looking out over the lake, Arrow and Middle Mountain and several glaciers that can be seen on the horizon. It is a view to die for. The base of the cliff contains numerous Indian Petroglyphs nearly a thousand years old. The ranch has quite a horse program and many were sitting a little gingerly watching the quick-draw as they had just arrived from the saddle into the cabin for my 45 minute painting. What fun we had. The painting after a scrumptious dinner acutioned off for $500.00. I give the ranch half.



Katherine Kean said...

It's beautiful - whoever got it got a steal!

What a gorgeous location - love the photos.

Gary Keimig said...

thanks Katherine. It is a fun place to go and do something like this. Gets hard to do as a lot of questions are asked as I work along so that becomes entertainment too but gets kinda hard concentrating if too many questions are raised. Last night was kinda like that.

Dors said...

Great work Gary. Love the shot also of the mule... you are very talented and how wonderful to have a view like that from the dining room. Do you mean the dining room of your home or where you were staying ?

Love the piece called " Hidden Buck.

Gary Keimig said...

From Ring Lake Ranch, Dors. My house view isn't bad either with the Wind River running by and plenty of wildlife for entertainment.

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Gary, Thanks for stopping by my art blog. After seeing your wonderful talent I am humbled by your attention! Your paintings remind me to get out my gouache for some of my landscapes, I have neglected them for too long.

I am adding your blog to my favorite blogs I follow. Thanks for introducing yourself!

PS...The canyon painting you commented on was from the bottom of the Grand Canyon. We had driven there on a reservation road as you can drive to the Colorado River from the western approach. The colors of the canyon from that level were amazing! It was also amazing to be at the bottom, looking up rather from the rim and looking down!