Sunday, May 3, 2009

Friday night, May 1, was the Petroleum Club show in Casper, Wyoming. The show allows the invited artists to display and sell 3 miniatures at silent auction, a quick-draw for the artists who do that sort of thing. [We get 70% of the auction proceeds] and the main event the artists vie for which is the $4,000.00 purchase award decided on by the vote of the Petroleum Club members. The club in that way has amassed quite an art collection over the years.
This 12"x19" gouache watercolor was my quick-draw. We are allowed 1 hour to complete our paintings with no drawing done befor the opening whistle. I had wanted to do this off a photograph I had of the backside of Casper Mountain looking to the SE across the Laramie Range but setting up to get started I could not find my reference so did it from memory. I am allowed one guest and being as my father-in-law really enjoys this show-I take him every year and over the years he has aquired 3 of my quick-draws. He was high bidder on this piece. Another good reason to take him.

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Elizabeth Seaver said...

Wow! I like that idea--artist and needy organization both win!