Monday, February 2, 2009

This past weekend was a busy one for myself and the artists at Silver Sage Gallery. It all began with the annual GIFT TO THE COMMUNITY art show which is held in conjunction with a big Sled Dog race and a Soup cook off held at the Headwaters Art and Convention Center in Dubois, Wyoming. The art show was established several years ago to hilight art being produced for shows and outside galleries by the amazing western and wildlife artists that call Dubois home. Our town public were complaining that they never got to see what we were doing befor it was sent out. So. The art show. Bud Boller is an amazing western sculptor and one of the Silver Sage Gallery pardners. Here he is sharing one of his stories with a Dubois citizen. Bud has many. From his grandfather who rode with Butch Cassidy on to what he did this morning.

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