Wednesday, February 4, 2009

At last I have finished this oil painting of INDIAN PAINTBRUSH AND BLUEBELLS 30"x36".
I have spent a great deal of time on it and is the second painting I did [see Indian Paintbrush posted previously]and now must decide which of the two Paintbrush paintings to enter in the upcoming Casper Petroleum Purchase award show. I have come close to winning that show over the years and missed it by 1 vote with a Paintbrush painting some years ago. So. Will try that subject again.

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wildlifelady said...

I love this painting you did of the Indian Paintbrush and have thoroughly enjoyed browsing your gallery this afternoon. Funny you should mention Butch Cassidy...I am related (in a long round-a-bout) way to Josie Bassett who at one time dated Butch Cassidy. I live in Brown's Park area (Butch's old stomping grounds) on the Little Snake River and like you am a wildlife artist so love all the animals/birds I see here. I get the greatest thrill out of a deer coming up and peeping in the window when I am painting or playing on the computer. I just want to say thanks for sharing your artwork and I have so enjoyed myself here. I don't write to many artists, but you works are really nice.