Thursday, January 1, 2009

December has been a pretty busy month for me. After the 2-Shot Show in Torrington I had Hernia surgery which put me out of commission for at least a week and I am still not back to full speed but I have been painting away in the studio. The gallery has closed down for the 3 month period January through March except by appointment. We will be reopening April 1st. My pardner, Tom is now in Arizona preparing for the Celebration In Fine Art Show which will run for 10 weeks. It is quite an experience and I hope at least by March to get down there myself. I will be working on a few Desert Landscapes in preparation for the trip down. I have been working on several pieces and have completed this painting from inspiration in the Trail Lake area south of Dubois. It is full of Glacial boulders and I have tried portraying one of these massive rocks with fresh fallen snow with the just breaking out sun hitting that snow in a burst of light. Mule Deer and Bighorn Sheep frequent the area and I thought it fitting to include this Mule Deer buck with snow still clinging to his back. It is 12"x16" Oil Painting and if interested please contact me through the gallery at or my personal e-mail,

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